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Wildcats are 3 for 3 this season!

The Oak Ridge Lady Wildcats Volleyball team is having a great season so far, winning in all of their first three matches. All were exciting against excellent competition.

Of the Central match last night, Head Coach Dave Kolodney says "This was a good match for us to have at this point in a busy week. It gave us a chance to work through some things that we needed to against a scrappy Central team. We haven't seen them in several years and didn't know what they'd bring and I was impressed with what I saw - it'll be good to have them in our district. We played well overall although had to overcome some low energy periods that set us back especially in the third set. We hung in there and did what we needed to do to win which is what mattered. It was a full team effort."

Player of the Match -- Peyton Uptgraft - did a great job setting all the way around - took control when she needed to.

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