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Three Tough Losses for Lady 'Cats

The Lady Wildcats are playing tonight at the Oak Ridge High School Arena. They are coming off of three tough losses against Beardon, West, and Hardin Valley. Fan support can make all the difference. Please come out and support your Lady 'Cats!

Coach Dave Kolodney comments on Beardon, "This was a tough loss because I think we played well overall. Bearden has just been getting better and better over the past 4 years and we knew coming in that it would be a fight. They had more sustained energy than we did and were able to get us into some deep holes early in the sets. While we were able to have some good bursts to get back into the set, we couldn’t sustain that level throughout and that’s what cost us. We need to be able to sustain that level from start to finish against the strong teams we face." Lily Yassu was particularly impressive during this match with some fun-to-watch KILLS.

Player of the Match:: Lily Yassu – Very strong up front throughout the match both offensively and defensively. Her play helped keep us close when we needed it.

Against West Knoxville, Coach Dave Kolodney commented, "This was a tough loss against a good district opponent. We knew they’d be coming for us after we swept at our place at the start of the year. They had a great crowd and were able to get up for this game – we just couldn’t match their energy level. We didn’t play poorly tonight, but made a few too many mistakes – unforced errors are really tough to recover from against the good teams. I’m glad we were able to get the set off them as that has a good chance of being the tie breaker at the end of the season. Next week we’ll be back to our full team and look to regroup from back to back losses."

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