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Exciting Match at Catholic 8-25-21

"Man what a fun match that was to be a part of. After last year’s 5 setter at our place, we knew that this year’s match would be a fitting sequel. We got out to a fast start and were able to capitalize on their mistakes to take the first. Then we made our own mistakes and they capitalized on those to take the next two. But, we stayed mentally tough throughout those two sets and were able to regroup and find our rhythm again in the 4th. That was a great set for us and we were at our best when we needed to be. The 5th set was exactly what you’d expect from two great teams and although we let it slip away at the end, 16-14, I think we can take a lot from tonight and we know that when we play at the level I expect, we’ve got a legitimate shot against any team."

The Wildcat Fans showed fantastic support during this away game. They were outnumbered, but not outdone! The Fans say "GO WILDCATS"

Player of the Match: Piper Suddeth – Timely kills, good decisions with the ball, and strong serving

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